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Thanks to the home web site of the Long Range Desert Group [LRDG] some descriptions of the various missions as assigned to the LRDG during the north African campaign. Missions to include:

* Direct Action. [purposeful armed combat with the enemy]
* Pathfinding and Courier.
* Intelligence Gathering and Survey.
* Reconnaissance.

Perhaps that most important task as accomplished by LRDG the Road Watch! Reconnaissance the operative word of which was surreptitious.

"A principle job of the LRDG was reconnaissance this included Road Watches . . . ."

"The two man RECCE [reconnaissance] team would record anything and everything that passed their spot."

Observe, record, and report. Merely that and no more.

A two-man reconnaissance team occupying a hide-spot, concealed and located in what is deemed an advantageous position  monitoring a selected stretch of road, a "watch" conducted, enemy movements or the lack thereof keenly observed, everything of interest to the higher command. Vital information obtained and reported that two-man team taking no further action!

"A company of 128th Guards T-34 tanks moving east on NK74 at 24 November 1200 Zulu grid  November Lima Six Four!"

Road watch today referred to as special reconnaissance [SR]:

"Special reconnaissance [SR] - - (DoD) Reconnaissance and surveillance actions conducted by special operations forces to obtain or verify, by visual observation or collection methods, information concerning the capabilities, intentions, and activities of an actual or potential enemy."

Again, that SR mission the most important feature of which is the surreptitious aspect. Insertion, extraction, observation and reporting all done in secret your adversary not even aware of your presence before, during or after an operation.

"The necessity of procuring good Intelligence is apparent & need not be further urged - - All that remains for me to add, is that you keep the whole matter as Secret as possible" - - Geo. Washington.


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