Wednesday, July 21, 2010


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"[Eddie] Slovik . . . a mild, ordinary GI, jumpy and easily panicked by loud explosions"

Back, for better or worse, to the subject of Eddie Slovik. The ONLY American soldier executed for desertion [in the face of the enemy] since the time of A Lincoln.

Eddie - - a controversial figure to say the least.

AND NOW thanks to the web site Hard Scrabble Farm and my previous blog entry from the MILITARY THOUGHTS blog. "Behave II". That I recalled this particular blog entry from way back is a synchronicity of some sort?

* "There are housewives in aprons and youngsters in knee pants in Britain who have lived through more high explosives in air raids than many soldiers saw in first class barrages in the last war."

* "British Women at War . . . There is not a single record in this war of any British woman in uniformed service quitting her post or failing in her duty under fire."

[that "post" quite often included manning an anti-aircraft-artillery [AAA] gun!!]

"Housewives in aprons" and "British Women at War" extracted from the pamphlet written by the War Department and distributed to all American soldiers deploying to Great Brita8in during World War Two [WW2]!

Read over that entire pamphlet, very entertaining and factual for England AT THAT SPECIFIC TIME!!


"For All Members of American Expeditionary Forces in Great Britain"

Eddie presumably read that pamphlet? But did not ponder the contents in the correct manner? The state of mind is difficult to determine in the case of Eddie? Mute throughout his entire trial - - willing to face a firing squad however! Go figure it all out!


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