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This Indian state minister has suggested that an entire unit of eunuchs be formed to act as para-military border guards. As I have stated before, this is a bad idea!

But that is not the end of the story.

Historically, strangely enough as it may sound, in some cultures, eunuchs have not only served in the military, but done quite well. Eunuchs were often found occupying positions of importance such as staff officers and even commanding generals in the armies of antiquity.

Most decidedly so, in the military of China.

China had a two thousand year history of experience with eunuchs at all levels of governmental affairs, governmental ministers, palace advisers, AND GENERAL OFFICERS IN THE MILITARY!!

Among the most famous of the Chinese eunuch flag officers [general or admiral] are:

* Tong Guan.

* Gang Bing.

* Zheng He. Admiral. Led the various expeditions to the Indian Ocean.

* Yishiha. Also an admiral, a flag officer.

* Li Hsien.

* Hu Sha-hu.

With regard to Hu Sha-hu, commanded a Chinese army that defeated the Mongols under the command of Genghis Khan himself. Only one of two occasions when the great Genghis was defeated in battle.

As I have previously said, it has not only been the Chinese that have employed eunuchs as military commanders. We find from history more than just a few instances of nations, empires, kingdoms, etc. placing eunuchs in the command of armies. Combat leaders quite often very successful! Nations to include:


* Ly Thuong Kiet.

* Le Van Duyet.

India: [Mughal Empire]

* Malik Kafur.


Judar Pasha.

Egypt: [Ptolemaic]



* Narses. Narses, a contemporary of Belisarius the man also [Narses] an excellent combat commander!

The Byzantines in particular made extensive use of eunuchs in their governmental structure. A very rigid social construct was made, employing this "third sex" in all matters of state, domestic and foreign. Including in numerous case general officers of the military - - those persons less well known than Narses!

I have put the horse before the cart here too. It is worth noting [?] that eunuchs of antiquity came in all "flavors" and "colors". Some merely had the testicles removed, in the case of the Chinese, the entire pudenda was severed - - penis and testicles both!! [ONLY 5 % OF THOSE UNDERGOING THE PROCEDURE WOULD SURVIVE!!]

IT WAS THE CASE TOO THAT THE LAST COURT EUNUCH OF CHINA DIED JUST NOT THAT MANY YEARS AGO!! That 2,000 year experience of the Chinese with eunuchs allowed the observation to be made that eunuchs generally as a rule lived seven years longer than ordinary intact men and did not suffer from male pattern baldness!!

Such are the wonders of being an eunuch. [is it an eunuch?]


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