Wednesday, July 21, 2010


This is coolbert:

Those of you that watched the CBS nightly news this evening had the opportunity to see this impressive footage of a warship, decommissioned, being blown out of the water by an under-the-keel explosion from a magnetically activated torpedo. This done as an experiment to replicate, as best is possible, the damage done to the ROKS Cheonan. The South Korean warship widely believed to have been deliberately sunk by a provocative action done on the orders of Kim Jong Il.

"S. Korean Warship Probe Shows How Ship Blew Up"

"Investigators Detonate Torpedo Under Out-of-Service Australian Warship"

"The 500 pound warhead detonated directly below the Australian ship, lifting it out of the water, sending its superstructure overboard, bending the steel girders that make up its spine. A second later, the ship crashed back into the water, breaking its spine, splitting it in two and sending it to the bottom."

The center of the ship definitely lifted out of the water, buckling amid-ships as they would say in the navy, the ship breaking into two distinct pieces, fore and aft separate, the ponderous weight of each section causing that buckled cracked area to split apart as the vessel settles back down onto the water.

That torpedo [a Mark 48??] causing such damage, NOT striking the ship directly, detonating UNDER the keel, the "spine", the "backbone" that runs the length of the ship, causing irredeemable damage, the warship [now in two pieces] still maintaining an amazing watertight integrity even when made asunder!!

See this YouTube video of a destroyer size vessel [similar to the Cheonan], targeted and blown apart by such an underwater-under-the-keel-torpedo-not-contacting-directly explosion! Amazing stuff!

[that is Arabic the narrator is speaking. Obviously not this latest "experiment" as shown on the CBS News!]


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