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Dog O' War. Rat terrier, the Great War.

From the Internet web site the cartoon and the reality!

"the WW1 cartoons of Abian Wallgren."

Abian Wallgren!

"So who was he? A Marine, for starters. An American soldier in the AEF during WW1, Abian 'Wally' Wallgren drew comics for 'Stars and Stripes.' His style was typical for the era - broad goofy caricatures with oversized feet. But for a young man he had wit and promise - some of the cartoons you'll see here are quite accomplished."

Cartoon courtesy Abian done in comedic fashion but the situation real! Vermin and especially rats infesting the trenches of the Great War [WW1]. Rats breeding in profusion, astronomical numbers beyond counting, a pestilence of biblical scale! The periodic killing of rats an important factor during lulls in combat. Dogs found to be the most efficient and best way to combat the trench rat! See the rest of the Abian cartoons also!

Cats not as efficient in catching rats as a terrier. Hunting technique of the terrier better.

French troops and civilians proudly display dead trench rats. That little terrier in the arms of the man on the far left accomplished the feat in fifteen minutes so says the caption accompanying the image.

Yet one more French soldier with a terrier and dead rats. The "daily catch". Impressive!!

Vile animals gone and we are all the better for it too! Those in the trenches of that period even much more. Thank you Mr. Rat Terrier. Yeoman work done in a yeoman fashion.


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