Tuesday, September 4, 2018


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Inés de Suárez.

Within context of the previous blog entry yet one more example of the lady Spaniard warrior as participating in combat with the Indians of New Spain. And most successfully so.

Where the conquistadores feared to tread, Inez did not.

"Inés de Suárez, a fearless warrior, and lover of Pedro de Valdivia, the leader of the first successful conquistadores in Chile."

As to the battlefield comportment of Inez consider:

"...and she [Inez] went among them, she told them that if they felt fatigued and if they were wounded she would cure them with her own hands... she went where they were, even among the hooves of the horses; and she did not just cure them, she animated them and raised their morale, sending them back into the battle renewed... one caballero [horseman] whose wounds she had just treated, was so tired and weak from loss of blood that he could not mount his horse. This woman was so moved by his plea for help that she put herself into the midst of the fray and helped him to mount his horse..."

Inez Suarez makes most of use seem small by comparison. Inez hardly I think not in the same category as Don Alonzo but nonetheless courage and bravery under fire hardly lacking!


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