Tuesday, May 29, 2018


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The contrast could not be greater. Mike and Calvin.

The former Mike Mansfield. The latter Calvin Graham.

Thanks also here to Professor Al Nofi and the item as seen at the Internet web site Strategy Page CIC # 261.

[image accompanying this blog entry that of Mike Mansfield]

Mike the underage U.S. Navy sailor falsifying his enlistment. When discovered Mike merely discharged without it seems any repercussions. Calvin also the underage sailor and falsifying his enlistment AND bravely participating in combat, in addition dishonorably discharged, decorations justly awarded taken away.

"Mike Mansfield (1903-2001): In 1917, aged 14, he altered his birth certificate to join the U.S. Navy and served on Atlantic convoys until his real age was discovered and he was discharged. Mansfield later worked as a miner, became a professor of Far Eastern History, and entered politics as a Democrat, serving ten years as a Representative and 24 as a Senator."

Mike Mansfield his curriculum vitae [CV] most impressive. His career in public service and a life worth led culminating with the man being appointed Ambassador to Japan. Mike highly esteemed across the board as they say.

Calvin his life and career after dishonorable discharge not so good. Denied his awards, benefits  and decorations. ONLY when at a rather advanced age Calvin receiving worthy recognition of his military service, that original prevarication on his part seen more or less as somewhat noble youthful indiscretion.

What worked for Mike did not work as well for Calvin.


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