Thursday, August 11, 2016


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From Freeper and the original article at War is Boring we have the story of SUNFLOWER.

"Don’t Sweat Russia’s Stealth-Fighter-Detecting New Radar"

"Russia is the latest country to claim that it has developed a new radar system that can detect stealth warplanes. But the Sunflower low-frequency over-the-horizon radar likely suffers all the same drawbacks that have plagued previous generations of similar sensors. Namely, Sunflower might be able to detect a low-observable airplane. But it probably can’t do so with great fidelity — nor generate a useful targeting track for a missile to follow."

From Russian Times this image the antenna for SUNFLOWER? Big enormous apparatus reminding one of the STEELYARD antenna used with the WOODPECKER!

The last time we heard about something similar was decades ago with the Soviet Over-The-Horizon [OTH] radar nicknamed the "Russian Woodpecker"

That too [the "Woodpecker"] an over-the-horizon radar the mission of which was to detect and track cruise missiles and low-level flying intruder aircraft.

The "Woodpecker" operating in the high-frequency radio band [3-30 MHZ] and a serious nuisance. For a period of decades causing havoc, interference and a lot of aggravation in the "short-wave" radio bands, especially for amateur radio operators. Listen to the WOODPECKER.

There will be similar problems with SUNFLOWER? Low-frequency not defined with any accuracy.

The WOODPECKER finally disabled and taken out of commission in part because of the Chernobyl disaster.

That story of Russian OTH and interference with the high-frequency band not finished? BEYOND SUNFLOWER there is now too CONTAINER?


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