Thursday, August 4, 2016


This is coolbert:

A blast from the past almost literally so!!

I think a lot of people will be surprised by this. An American weapons manufacturing concern [HMG] producing and selling to the general public a brand new ["modern interpretation"] version of the German StG 44 assault rifle from that era of the Second World War [WW2]. THE SOVIET AK BASED ON THE StG A RESEMBLANCE REMARKABLY SIMILAR..

"HMG Sturmgewehr: STG-N"

A newly manufactured StG not cheap. $1,799.99 for a brand new rifle. Available too in the original 7.92 X 33 Kurz round and ALSO a variety of other calibers.


    .300 BLK.
    7.92 x 33. [Kurz]


"The HMG™ Sturmgewehr is a modern interpretation of the classic StG 44 bringing together the classic function and form of the original, while also making the firearm accessible and shoot-able…in a rifle caliber! Available in a variety of different models from classic to ultra modern, this firearm is sure to please any enthusiast."

The StG generally thought to be the first assault rifle as that term defined features to include:

* Selective fire. [semi-automatic/automatic]
* Pistol grip stock.
* High capacity magazine.
* An intermediate cartridge.

From HMG:

"HMG would like to update our customers on the production and delivery of the STG-N series of rifles."

"The response to our initial offering was very positive, and has led to a greater number of rifles being purchased than was originally projected. This has prompted us to secure additional production resources and staff, which has impacted the delivery schedule. HMG believes that the quality of our product is what sets us apart from our competition, and we are not willing to compromise this standard by rushing production. As our additional production capabilities have now come online, every effort will be focused on filling the orders as fast as possible. At this time, we expect to be able to begin shipping pre-orders by Late Summer/Early Fall 2016."

A stockpile of these weapons [StG] captured by the rebels in the Syrian Civil War and put to good use. Even over seventy years after being originally fielded the StG gives a good account of itself.


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