Thursday, April 11, 2013


This is coolbert:

As was covered by CNN this evening:

"N. Korea may be able to deliver nuke, Pentagon intel says"

"Pentagon intel" being: Defense Intelligence Agency [DIA].

"(CNN) -- The Pentagon's intelligence arm has assessed with 'moderate confidence' that North Korea has the ability to deliver a nuclear weapon with a ballistic missile, though the reliability is believed to be 'low.'"

That ballistic missile in question the Musudan? An intermediate range ballistic missile [IRBM] liquid fueled and now in position ready for launch.

*  "A missile was raised to an upright firing position, then lowered"

What is more to the matter and the question that should be asked. is WHETHER OR NOT THE NORTH KOREAN HAS A NUCLEAR WARHEAD RELIABLE THAT CAN BE PLACED ATOP THE MUSUDAN!

North Korea has [?] a nuclear capability but so far it is believed not possessing a weapon that can be delivered by missile to a distant target. So we are told.

* " U.S. official says no indication missiles have been armed with nuclear capability"

That Musudan an improved version of a Soviet submarine launched ballistic missile [SLBM]  R-27 from the far distant Cold War era as carried by the Yankee class of submarine that R-27 design of which is from over forty years ago now.

Presumably the R-27 IRBM [Soviet nomenclature] well known to American intelligence, at least three Yankee on patrol in the waters near Bermuda until the advent of the Delta class Soviet missile boat, those Yankee each and everyone carrying sixteen of the R-27 nuclear armed.

If you know R-27 you know Musudan?

R-27 designed to carry ONLY a nuclear warhead of some potency. Musudan is the same?

R-27 liquid fueled, dissimilar and inert chemicals when mixed having a paragolic and explosive reaction. As with R-27 so it is with Musudan?

Musudan NOT submarine launched but the range placing Japanese and American targets in the western Pacific within range.

Reliability of the Musudan thought by DIA to be "low"?

Reliability of the R-27 however rather high? The wiki entry suggests otherwise?

That delivery system [and undestood as a delivery system at this exact moment only] for an atomic payload now being tested as we speak? Some speak of Musudan as a "game changer" and it very well might be.



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maximex said...

The dictatorship of the state is something incomprehensible.
It does not have anything to do with common sense.

The state is weak, almost falling apart, (afraid)
but the old management will hold until the end of his life philosophies closed.

Korean War hit the interesting technical development time.
It clashed with the jet fighters in the east, the west against the forces of propeller-driven airplanes.
It seemed strange to think of eg Albania, the whole country was fortified on every side.
Similarly, all the East European countries' restrictions.
East German one the worst.

It felt strange, unreal, when Estonia (brother nation) was released as an independent state, and in the end, when the Berlin Wall came down.