Saturday, December 3, 2011

Daood Gilani I.

This is coolbert:

"A Perfect Terrorist" The continuing and infamous saga of Daood Gilani. The self-confessed and admitted terrorist also known to the world as David Coleman Headley.

"PBS FRONTLINE will bring live online 'The Perfect Terrorist', the investigation into the mysterious rise of David Coleman Headley." [only this last weekend I  have seen this public broadcast program and recommend it highly, without qualification!!]

Daood prior to the Mumbai attack purchasing bracelets having religious significance to the Hindu the use of which on the part of the terrorists indicative of a malevolent but very clever and diabolical mentality at work.

According to The Hindu as reported just recently:

"Headley brought red bracelets for Mumbai attackers: documents"

"In his last surveillance trip to India before 26/11, David C Headley, the Mumbai attacks terror accused, at the instruction of his Pakistani handler Major Iqbal bought 15 red bracelets to be worn by the attackers so that they can disguise as Hindus, according to released unsealed court documents."

An attempt ultimately not successful at disguise, to deceive and fool the Indian authorities, police and intelligence agencies both! Muslim attackers at Mumbai assuming the guise of a Hindu, in vain, but nonetheless, the thought was there and so was the action!!"

Those autopsies as done on the Mumbai attackers revealing NOT ONLY the presence of drugs but ALSO that each and every terrorist was CIRCUMCISED! Ritual circumcision obligatory for the Muslim but NOT for the Hindu. "Circumcision is NOT practiced in Hinduism."

Read from the Military Thoughts blog an entry of mine from a long time ago now, the ritual rite of circumcision having a military applicability, in both the ancient and modern sense!

That red bracelet of importance to the Hindu and worn when death or the possibility thereof is imminent!

"How do Hindus treat death?"

"A red or yellow string may be tied around the person's wrist. Please allow this if possible, as it's very important in the dying process."

The ruse as done by the Mumbai assassins to pass as Hindu futile, but again "the thought was there and so was the action"!

Daood too legally changed his name to David Coleman Headley. Headley the family name of his birth mother. This all an attempt at dissimulation on the part of Daood, the man now and has been for some time a fanatic Muslim, even a Salafist for that matter perhaps? Daood does have the appearance of white American male, adopting the name of David allowing him to that much easier evade profiling to the extent it is practiced.

Read here of taqiyya and kitman, Islam dissimulation as sanctioned by the ulema!


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