Friday, December 2, 2011


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From several sources we have the latest efforts of Hezbollah to track down and neutralize informants. The former American Central Intelligence [CIA] case officer Bobby Baer commenting and thinking along the same lines as the one-time # 3 man at the FBI. Hezbollah is very good. NOT only possessing the BEST light infantry in the world, but also a formidable intelligence and counter-intelligence apparatus. BEST!

1. "Hezbollah, Iran uncover CIA informants"

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - In an apparently serious setback for U.S. intelligence against a key adversary, Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shi'ite militia, has succeeded in identifying and arresting informants within its ranks within its ranks who were working for the CIA, current and former U.S. officials said.

"Some former U.S. officials said that the CIA informants, believed to be local recruits rather than U.S. citizens, were uncovered, at least in part, due to sloppy procedures - known in the espionage world as 'tradecraft' - used by the agency."

"But Bob Baer, a former CIA operations officer whose books inspired the Hollywood movie Syriana, said that Hezbollah's counterintelligence capabilities are formidable and should not be underestimated."

"Hezbollah's security is as good as any in the world's. It's the best. It's better than that of the KGB," the former Soviet spy agency, Baer said."

"Baer said one reason Hezbollah has been successful in rooting out spies is that it is so powerful it has forced Lebanese government security forces to hand over sensitive communications and spy gear supplied by the U.S. government. Hezbollah then used this U.S. equipment to identify and track down CIA informants."

2. From "Analysis: How serious a blow did the CIA suffer in Lebanon?"

"But Baer says that the arrests were not necessarily caused by CIA errors; rather it may have been advanced counterintelligence analysis by Hezbollah that compromised the agents. . . . He [Baer] adds that the arrests should serve as a reminder of Hezbollah’s increasing technological prowess, which now extends to the domains of the Internet, cellular telecommunications, and even VOIP communications, such as Skype."

NOT only "identifying and arresting informants within its ranks" but you would have to presume also for a time prior passing on disinformation and misleading data to the CIA case officers! At a most important moment in the history of the Middle East, those American policy makers relying on the analysis of the CIA to make decisions fooled and stymied and done so in a very big way.

AND as well using American counter-espionage equipment to do so! This fiasco is the result of American gear being used against the CIA!



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Joseph Moroco said...

What would one expect. An organization that has been around for a couple of generations is going to accumulate a lot of time servers.

The Hezis, they have that useful fanaticism of people who may have had some family members killed.

They want the middle-east more than we do. Let 'em and Israelis have at it.... without us.