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ME-SHE-KIN-NO-QUAH. Little Turtle.

We are back on the subject of the American Indian warrior and military commander Little Turtle.

Little Turtle the translation of his American Indian name Mishikinakwa! Among those commanders of the American Indian warrior nations that resisted the westward expansion of the white American settlers, this man ranks as the BEST?

Thanks in this instance to Professor Al Nofi, Strategy Page and the CIC entry of Professor Al regarding Little Turtle.

From CIC # 356 we have the short history of Little Turtle. Noted American Indian warrior and military commander! American army units twice defeated by the forces under the command of Little Turtle. Shameful and humiliating routs in both cases, those captured subjected to the execution fires!

A topic of mine from a previous blog entry. "St. Clair's Defeat" known to me, "Harmer's Defeat" not. In either case, U.S. Army contingents put to shameful and humiliating rout, those captured being put to the execution fire.

And this too about Little Turtle. His command presence and ability MOST profound and unappreciated. By contrast from CIC:

"Little Turtle inflicted more casualties on the United States Army than any other Indian war chief. In just two battles, traditionally known as 'Harmer’s Defeat' and 'St. Clair’s Defeat,' he slew some 820 American soldiers. In contrast, the best that all the great warrior peoples – the Apache, the Sioux, the Cheyenne, the Nez Perce, and all the rest – west of the Mississippi could do in some 940 fights with the army between 1866 and 1892 was to kill about 920 boys in blue, only about 12-percent more than Little Turtle had accounted for."

"Yet today Little Turtle is hardly remembered, and certainly never numbered among the great Native American warriors."

Yet one more name to add to the military list of "best"? Among those American Indian warriors and commanders that opposed the west-ward expansion of the white American settlers, I think Little Turtle can most assuredly counted as being so. The BEST!

"Hardly remembered", BUT NOT FORGOTTEN! NOW thanks to Al Nofi and Military Analysis you know the rest of the story. And are better for it too!


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