Sunday, June 5, 2011


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More on my vacation/high school reunion here in Santa Fe NM.

For this part of the country, the air quality poor!

As it almost NEVER is.

This all the result of forest fires, on in particular burning for days now in Arizona, zero contained, the fire fighting forces NOT able to get the upper hand. Smoke from the fire contaminating the atmosphere many hundreds of miles away, visibility which is normally very good in this instance now POOR!

"New evacuations ordered in Ariz. wildfire"

"Crews have zero containment of blaze, which has been burning for a week"

The fighting of these forest fires in my opinion being AS CLOSE AS YOU CAN GET TO BEING AT WAR WITHOUT HAVING AN ENEMY SHOOTING BACK AT YOU!

That commander of the fire fighter brigades [that is what they are called too - - brigades] have duties and responsibilities analogous to the military combat commander, and having units on the ground and in the air waging "battle" with the "fire"!

ALSO, as with war, these fires can be thought of in three aspects. 1. What led up to the fire. 2. The fighting of the fire itself. 3. The aftermath of the fire.

1. These fires to an extent caused by the policies of the U.S. Forest Service. NOT allowing for proscribed periodic burns, a sentimentality about woodlands, fire being an integral part of the natural order, trees and debris found in such profusion that a "burn" when it occurs is much more destructive than would normally be the case.

2. The fire fighting brigades deploying as a military unit, working in rugged terrain, organized to include "troops" wearing a standard uniform with battle kit, operating according to a plan, comporting themselves with discipline as quasi-military units. Sustained for sometimes weeks in the field with all that means!

That combat commander of the fire fighting brigades having his own combat engineers, air force, battle staff, making plans for 24, 48, 72, 96 hours in advance, that commander often having to make decisions on what to save and what NOT to save!

Fire a chaotic enemy, not always following the "rules"!

Refugees being created, persons having to flee their homes to save or risk death!

3. Replanting of the forest and rebuilding of what property was destroyed, an environment often being created that is quite different from what existed before. Government assistance and planning required for a smooth transition to the "new way of life"

This situation currently in the American Southwest dire, not with remediation soon, the efforts of man often futile, mother nature in the form of rain a necessity in the "fight", "Mother" at this point not accommodating.


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