Friday, June 17, 2011


This is coolbert:

Here with evidence that the web site DEBKAfile, described by the noted blogger Spengler as being UNRELIABLE UNDER ALL CIRCUMSTANCES - - is rather spot right on with at least some reports.

The death of the highly wanted terrorist Fazul just the other day counts as a "boon" for the Israeli.

From DEBKA quoting in entirety:

"Al Qaeda's dead East Africa terror chief targeted the US and Israel"

"His death [Fazul] was a boon for Israel against whose targets he orchestrated several deadly attacks. The most lethal and least reported was the 1996 hijack of Ethiopian Airways flight 961 en route from Addis Ababa to Nairobi. During its forced landing opposite the Comoros, Fazul and his men murdered five heads of Israel's Aviation Industries and a security guard, together with the CIA station head in the Ethiopian capital, Leslie Shed, and the deputy commander of the Ukrainian air force."

"They were heading for a meeting at the King David Hotel, in Jerusalem, with US, Ukrainian and Israeli teams to clinch a deal for Ukrainian jets for Ethiopia. To this day, all four governments have maintained a tight blackout on the episode. It saw the light of day in only one publication, DEBKAfile."


This WAS a total unknown to me until just a few minutes ago. Seems to suggest a pretty big security breach from some direction. That all these persons were all on the same flight at the same time [?] too is bad procedure! Whatever the circumstances, this was a gaffe of major proportions and a major victory at the time for Al Qaeda. Sounds like someone at a high level tipped Fazul off as well!

Thanks to DEBKA, an unknown aspect of the war of terror has now been made apparent. YOU KNOW, I KNOW, and all thanks again to DEBKA!


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