Thursday, January 6, 2011


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Arms deal!

Thanks to the Voice of America through the blog Jungle Trader for this info:

"Saudi Arabian media are reporting that a massive arms deal with the United States — the largest-ever single U.S. arms sale — is on track and in the final stages of negotiations."

"Saudi authorities said this week that the deal to buy up to $60 billion worth of advanced military aircraft will also include additional F-15 fighter jets."

. . . .

"The Obama administration sees the deal as part of a broader policy aimed at supporting Arab allies against the rise of Iran as a regional power. The administration said it approved the sale after considering Saudi Arabia's defense needs and determining that it would not upset the current balance of power in the region."

The many supporters of President Obama will find this as a big disappointment? "Change" did include large-scale sale of weaponry to foreign nations.

The Saudi government is "shaky" and not as stable as we would like? This remains to be seen. The current King is elderly and in ill-health!

And the capacity of the Saudi to absorb, maintain, and potentially use in combat A LOT more very advanced weaponry is lacking? That remains to be seen!

This is reminiscent [is it?] of those days prior to the overthrow of the Shah in Iran? Everything on the surface seems to be so good but underneath there is a ferment and a rumbling of discontent? The very rich Middle Eastern nation, awash with money, spending in a profligate manner on Amriki armaments does not always sit well with the locals?

Such a deal is good news for American arms producers - - YES, that is easily granted, but at what consequence I am not sure?


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