Tuesday, January 25, 2011


This is coolbert:

Here yet with another instance of the criminal element during wartime, not to be ever recruited or entrusted with any military duty or function whatsoever. The criminal NEVER making a good soldier!

The criminal element, sought after in manner that is foolish - - the thought that these "men of action", "tough guys" are worthy of military duties just plain wrongheaded. Rather, persons who take advantage of a situation and ONLY continue their criminal ways on a larger and even worse scale. As in the manner of those "troops" comprising the Dirlewanger, bashi bazooks of the Ottoman Empire, the janjaweed of modern times, etc.

The Vichy French Milice [militia] under the command of the collaborationist Joseph Darnand!

"Joseph Darnand was a French leader of the far right and commander of the Vichy French Milice"

That Milice a quasi-military organization involved in partisan-hunting, ferreting out "reds" and other dissident elements opposed to the Vichy French!

Darnand without a doubt a courageous man - - a patriot and devoted Frenchman whose loyalties took a wrong turn with disastrous consequences for all involved!

"Darnand was born at Coligny, Ain, Rhône-Alpes in France. He fought in World War I and received seven citations for bravery."

"[during] World War II, Darnand volunteered to join the French army and served in the Maginot Line and was decorated for bravery."

"He became a leading figure in the Vichy French organization Légion Francaise des combattants (French Legion of Veterans) and recruited troopers for the fight against Bolshevism"

"The next year [1941], he founded the collaborationist militia"

That militia comprised of many "villains": [from a French translation]

"Darnand never appear more 30,000 to 34,000 activists . . .
a large number of adventurers, fugitives from justice, of criminals.
The abuses of political militias are coupled so many . . .
robberies, burglaries, racketeering, extortion, assault on a public road
or against officials, who complete totally discredit the militia in the population."

A goodly percentage of the French collaborationist militia working with the German were of and from the French criminal element! Thugs for the most part, "hunting" French Resistance fighters, using torture and summary execution as a "tool". Disreputable persons who used their "authority" to continue their villainy but only much more so!!

During war time, the recruitment of the disreputable is not only a bad idea, worse than that, ONLY makes the situation worse for those employing such a "rabble"!


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