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Here are three persons, each having a military and quasi-military background, each also distinguishing themselves during the Second World War [WW2], either famous or infamous or a combination of both, and each DISAPPEARING UNDER STRANGE CIRCUMSTANCES POST-WAR, BODIES IN ALLS CASES NOT RECOVERED!

1. Henri Dericourt. French military pilot, volunteer for the British Special Operations Executive [SOE], resistance fighter, and collaborator [?], a turncoat traitor [?]!

Fought with the French resistance, working with British SOE, and all the while a collaborator with the German [?], betraying English agents?

"When France surrendered to Nazi Germany in June 1940, Déricourt went back to civil aviation but in August 1942 he escaped to Britain. After being checked out at the Royal Patriotic School's vetting process, he joined the Special Operations Executive (SOE)."

Acquitted post-war, his guilt NEVER being established without question. Something mysterious about the entire "affair"!

A man who DISAPPEARED DURING A PLANE CRASH IN LAOS, 1962. Body not recovered [BNR]!

"Henri Déricourt was reported to have been killed in an air crash while flying over Laos on 20th November, 1962. His body was never found and some writers have claimed that his death was faked in order to allow him to begin a new life under another name."

2. James Thompson. American "Silk King" of Thailand. American soldier and later a member of the OSS, the forerunner to the CIA. A military man and agent of a secret service who served first in North Africa and then Asia during WW2.

Described and the man who, post-war, "revitalized" the Thai silk industry. Became the best know foreign expatriate living in Thailand and perhaps in all of Southeast Asia. Another man who disappeared under very strange circumstances. Walked away from a resort in Malaysia and was NEVER seen again. Body not recovered [BNR].

"James (Jim) Harrison Wilson Thompson was an American businessman who helped . . . revitalize the Thai silk industry in the 1950s and 1960s. A former U.S. military intelligence officer, Thompson mysteriously disappeared from Malaysia's Cameron Highlands while going for a walk on Easter Sunday, March 26, 1967."

An extensive and even to some degree currently on-going search was made after the disappearance of Thompson. All no no avail. It was as if the man has left the planet and gone "somewhere". A disappearance, as you might imagine, accompanied by a whole lot of speculation.

3. Masonobu Tsuji. Japanese army officer from the era of WW2. Prominent to a degree, and always controversial. For a field grade officer, always operated at the top echelon for some reason and was a major figure both during the war and post-war as well!

"Masanobu Tsuji . . . was a tactician of the Imperial Japanese Army during the Second World War and later a politician."

Please see my previous Military Thoughts blog entry on Tsuji. From way back when!

"In April 1961, he traveled to Laos and was never heard from again. Presumably a casualty of the Laotian Civil War, he was declared dead on July 20, 1968."

Tsuji while traveling in Laos [circa 1961], disappearing again under mysterious circumstances, body not recovered [BNR]!

Tsuji was reputed to be a spymaster and had established a "number" of networks in Southeast Asia post-war?

In all three cases, IT IS strange that persons of such prominence, controversial or otherwise, just disappear and not a trace is ever found? There may be just totally reasonable explanations for all three of these men going "missing", the elaborations of which are never made clear!


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