Sunday, May 5, 2019


This is coolbert:

Without any ado or any commentary on my part here with items of interest as copied in entirety from the and Free Republic Internet web sites:

1. "Afghan pilots will no longer be trained in the United States"

"Afghan AC-208 pilots will no longer be trained in the United States, because more than 40 percent of the students training here ended up deserting within U.S. borders."

2. "Afghan Air Force pilot training program in US ends after nearly half go AWOL"

"WASHINGTON – The Pentagon quietly ended a program to train Afghan Air Force pilots in the United States after nearly half of the course attendees disappeared, according to a Defense Department watchdog report released this week. More than 40 percent of the Afghan pilots sent to train on the AC-208 Combat Caravan lightweight reconnaissance aircraft went absent without leave while in the United States, according to a quarterly report of the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, or SIGAR."

Desertion by American military standards defined as being gone for more than thirty days without the intention of returning. AWOL [absent without leave] gone from your duty position for more than twenty-four hours straight.

Devoted readers to the blog draw your own conclusions.


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