Monday, July 30, 2018


This is coolbert:

Click on either image to see an enlarged view. DoDEA =  Department of Defense Education Activity.

Honestly, this was a surprise to me. Thanks to the tip from Steve.

Students receiving a primary [grammar school] and secondary [high school] education at a school run by the military for the dependents of career personnel doing quite well in comparison to other state educational systems throughout the United States. Based on math and reading tested levels attainment very good relatively speaking.

Reading scores:

Math scores:

My thought and understanding was that the military-run schools located on-base offering an average education for dependents but no more than that. More than anything else the unfortunate aspect of students having to relocated on a regular basis an impediment to achieving a high level of scholastic achievement.

 I guess I am wrong. NO! I am wrong and freely admit it.

Good going military and good going kids. Keep it up!


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