Monday, July 23, 2018


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Posted instantly upon receipt. Today. As we speak! Thanks to DEBKAfile.

Reconnaissance by fire?

9K720 = Tochka = Scarab = SS-21. IDF = Israeli Defense Forces.

"IDF: David’s Wand was aimed at Syrian SS-21 missiles – and missed"

Jul 23, 2018 @ 16:33

"Clarifying the alert over northern Israel on Monday, the IDF spokesman said that Syrian SS-21 air defense missiles were detected flying from east to west and calculated to strike Israel east of the Sea of Galilee. These missiles have a 100km range and each carries a 500km [about a thousand pounds] warhead. The IDF decided to intercept them while still in flight and ordered a David’s Sling battery into action. But then, new calculations found the Syrian projectiles’ trajectory would come short of Israeli air space. At that point, one of the David’s Sling missiles was ordered to self-destruct. A second went missing"

Some clarification required here:

* SS-21 a ground to ground ballistic missile and not an air defense missile as described.

* 500 km warhead a 500 kg warhead. Kilograms and not kilometers.

* Missile as fired by David's Sling [Wand] did not miss! Destructed when not needed.

DEBKA be ashamed. Devoted readers to the blog read all comments [thoughts].


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