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Vee III.

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As commented by Steiner:

"As for the oft-repeated death toll of the 'slave' workers engaged in the production of the V2, how is it that these sophisticated weapons, arguably the most complex machines produced by any nation ever up to that point, were built not only at gunpoint but by presumably skilled workers who were then murdered after the tasks were completed? The fact that such questions are never asked by respectable historians speaks to the neo-Soviet climate of opinion under which we labor."

I too have serious reservations regarding the quality control [QC] as must have been the case for the various "Vee" missiles.

That V-2 missile the absolute state-of-the-art technology and the allegations that much of the construction done by what is described as "slave labor".

More better described as impressed or forced labor. Persons against their will forced to toil under very harsh and unremitting conditions. And not having one single respite from their ordeal, many so the story goes dying in the process, such was the mistreatment.

And yet the product [V-1 & V-2] manufactured in prodigious numbers and for the most part as is the perception functioning quite well even under stressful field conditions.

And so how is this possible? Normally you do not think that laborers forced, impressed, "slave" the product of their labor not being to exacting standards as was needed by the high technology of the "Vee" weaponry.

Indeed, sabotage quite deliberate might well be the order of the day. Workers QC poor in a purposeful manner to impede the German war effort.

From the:

"The Mare’s Nest"

"The War Against Hitler’s Secret ‘Vengeance’ Weapons"

by David Irving.

Extracts, those entries regarding the use of "slave", impressed, or forced labor in the "Vee" weapons manufacture: Thanks in all cases to David Irving.

"Kammler had been authorized to inject convict and slave labour into the project."

"Kammler had already undertaken to supply 16,000 slave labourers. An additional 2,000 German technicians were required to supervise production"

"Sawatzki, the factory’s brilliant production planner,appealed to the SS and to Lieutenant-General Kammler for a further 1,800 convicts to offset his crippling labour shortage"

"the underground caverns being excavated by SS General Kammler’s convicts at Traunsee (Austria) for the A4’s Cement project"

"When von Braun visited the Central Works . . .slave labourers and convicts were already at work. Security was strict."

AND concerns for QC did exist:

"Three more rockets fired that month failed because of faulty servos and leaking oxygen leads. General Kammler resolved to send a senior engineer to investigate 'defects in manufacture found at the launching site.'”

Convicts as that term understood in the Third Reich either common criminals OR political.

Forced labor from a variety of nations, France, Italy, eastern Europe, Russians, etc.

That "Vee" weapon work force evidently predominantly forced labor BUT there also on the scene a large number of skilled German technicians. It is the latter that did the QC of components and final assembly of the missiles themselves?

"Black boxes" which components were attached to for a GO or NO-GO test? And woe to those forced laborers that had built a missile component found to be defective.

Kammler again that highest ranking Nazi official not accounted for in the aftermath of the war, disappeared and never seen again.


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