Friday, January 6, 2012


This is coolbert:

Again from the DEBKAfile:

"Israeli drones over Turkish-Syrian border"

"04 Jan. Military tensions in Syria have spread to its borders. Wednesday, Jan. 4, Turkish military sources reported an Israeli Eitan drone hovering for four hours over the Turkish Hawk Brigade 14 stationed on the Syrian border at Kirikhan in the Hatay district – the expected jumping-off point for any foreign military intervention in Syria."

Israeli drone intelligence gathering UAV [unmanned aerial vehicle] active - - rebellion and uprising as occurring for almost a year now in Syria of intense interest to the Israeli.

That drone acting as a relay station in the sky [?], German manufactured radiosondes normally used for atmospheric research having been "modified to intercept radio communications"?

As originally reported recently by

"Who is behind mystery spy devices dropped over Syria?"

"the devices [GRAW DFM-06] are aimed at eavesdropping on the communications of Syrian government troops and of Syrian Air Force planes, which are engaged in an increasingly bloody conflict against the opposition Syrian National Council"

Cheap, dirty, but effective, these modified GRAW devices dropped in profusion over a target allow for coverage of a wide area and carry an Israeli signature when considered in the context of this UAV flight? ONLY Tel Aviv knows for sure!


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