Monday, March 28, 2011


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Well - - lemme' tell you the story about a man name of Fritz.

Fritz Menzer. German national during the era of World War Two [WW2].

A machinist, a mechanic, an autodidact, a cryptologist, a man most proficient at the making and breaking of codes and ciphers.

"au·to·di·dact – noun - a person who has learned a subject without the benefit of a teacher or formal education; a self-taught person."

A man who could have almost single-handedly won WW2 for the Germans?

From a previously highly classified U.S. government document

Fritz - - using his considerable talents and mechanical aptitude - - able to design and make changes - - improving by magnitudes the security of the electro-mechanical cryptographic systems as used by the German military and government during WW2. Enigma and Hagelin cryptographic machines both!

If and when the ideas and design concepts of Fritz Menzer had been implemented, that unique and most valuable source of intelligence [Ultra] as had by the western allies [British and American] during WW2 would have been rendered null and void!

Throughout the war, the German was keenly aware that their cipher system most relied upon to provide security for messages encrypted and sent via radio communications, the electro-mechanical apparatus known as the Enigma, was susceptible to being "read".

The man responsible for this appreciation, this "awareness" was Fritz? I think so.

The efforts of Fritz either too late or not at all, that special source of intelligence [Ultra] so vital to the war effort of the western allies NOT rendered "null and void"!


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Steiner said...

As the years pass and more classified documents are released, the Enigma story just keeps getting better. At this point, will it surprise anyone if the trail of subversion leads to the office of Wilhelm Canaris, a man hostile to his own government and connected to MI6 at the highest levels?