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Here from a web site that is in part devoted to UFO [unidentified flying objects] research, a reprint of a Harpers's Magazine article from 1946. An article listing in part SOME of the war secrets as gleaned from the various American technical intelligence teams scouring the German countryside, in the aftermath of German surrender. Technology new to American industry and science. It is well understood that Operation Paperclip, the German rocket scientists - - did not exist in a vacuum!!

German industry, science, technology, etc., in many cases was FAR AHEAD of their western and Soviet counterparts. The allies and Soviets both found the proverbial "goldmine" over and over - - secret and developed technologies of great importance.

Secret technology and developments having BOTH a military and civilian significance.

"NAZI Technology"

"Secret NAZI War Technology Reported in Harper's Magazine"

War Secrets by the Thousands Harper's Magazine - - October, 1946

Secrets by the Thousands - - By C. Lester Walker

Technologies, "devices", "developments" to include: [a smattering of the whole]

1. High power miniature vacuum tubes. [1000 watt tubes, ceramic, miniaturized]

2. Magnetic tape recorder.

3. Paper condensers [capacitors] - - "self healing".

4. Synthetic mica.

5. Cold extrusion process.

6. Textile processing.

7. Chemical processing.

8. Food processing.

* yeast

9. Synthetic plasma.

10. Negative ionized air. [beneficial to health]

11. Food Preservation.

* butter

* cheese

* milk

* fruit juice

12. Additional military applications:

* Acoustic homing torpedo.

* Infra-red technology. [the sniper-scope]

German science and engineers were pretty good during the era of WW2. In some cases, again, far ahead of their western and Soviet counter-parts. So it would seem. And this was NOT due to the reverse engineering of a captured UFO either! Please!


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