Saturday, June 26, 2010


This is coolbert:

"I have a reactionary army, a National Socialist air force, and a Christian navy" - - A. Hitler.

"The fighting Jew who was a Christian?"

Here Bert seeks to redress a wrong as has been done by the cinema to a good man!

Admiral Lutjens. German naval flag officer in overall command aboard the Bismarck, during the famous encounter and battle with the HMS Hood. The Bismarck subsequently sunk, Lutjens meeting his death in battle.

"Günther Lütjens . . . was a German Admiral . . . most well known for his actions during World War II, primarily his command of Bismarck . . . during the Operation Rheinübung sortie."

The screen depiction of the naval battle and in particular the way the Admiral Lutjens is portrayed doing a grave injustice to the man?

"Unrealistic Film Portrayal in Sink the Bismarck!"

"In the 1960 film, Sink the Bismarck!, Lütjens is portrayed as egotistic, overconfident, and a Nazi enthusiast angered over Germany's humiliation and his own lack of recognition at the end of World War I. In reality, Lütjens . . . did not agree with Nazi policies; he was one of the few officers who refused to give the Nazi salute when Hitler visited Bismarck before its first and final mission, deliberately using instead the traditional naval salute."

Here the actor Karel Stepanek is shown from a scene in the movie "Sink the Bismarck". Stepanek did portray Lutjens as arrogant, haughty, over-confident, a fanatic!!
Rather, Admiral Lutjens appears to have been anti-Nazi. NOT a supporter of the fascist belief system, NOT "egotistic", "overconfident", "a Nazi enthusiast"


"In November 1938 Lütjens was one of only three flag officers [general or admiral] who protested, in writing, against the anti-Jewish 'Kristallnacht' pogroms"

In addition, Lutjens had a JEWISH background. Professed as a Christian, but had one grandmother who was JEWISH. Same as the other famous German naval officer from WW2 fame, Captain Rogge.

"Gunther Lutjens was one-fourth Jewish. A Jewish grandmother, to be precise . . . but if it was maternal, he would have been Jewish under Jewish law."

AND surely Jewish under the laws of the Third Reich! That the man was given high command, and not cashiered or persecuted in the aftermath of his protesting the "Kristallnacht" "pogroms" is amazing in itself.

Lutjens WAS loyal to the German cause and paid the full measure for his loyalty. But WAS NOT a fanatic, a mad-man seeking glory at all cost. The movie portrayal is all wrong.

NOW Bert has set the record straight!!