Friday, February 27, 2009


This is coolbert:

any person living under the protection of the Queen, owes allegiance to the Queen!! - - old English law.

From Afghan - - a very troubling development.

Instances of treasonous behavior, on the part of those that DO OWE allegiance to the Queen.

"British citizens, English passport holders, persons born and bred in England, taking up arms and fighting for the Taliban in Afghan!!"

"British soldiers are engaged in 'a surreal mini civil war' with growing numbers of home-grown jihadists who have travelled to Afghanistan to support the Taliban"

British Nimrod aircraft, intercepting Taliban radio transmissions of persons speaking with discernible English accents [Midlands and Yorkshire]!

"Interceptions of Taliban communications have shown that British jihadists – some 'speaking with West Midlands accents' – are active in Helmand and other parts of southern Afghanistan"

"it is in Afghanistan that British forces are now directly facing fellow Britons on the other side. RAF Nimrod aircraft flying over Afghanistan at up to 40,000ft have been picking up Taliban electronic 'chatter' in which voices can be heard in West Midlands and Yorkshire accents . . . showing the presence of more British voices in the Taliban front line."

British citizens, English passport holders, but NOT Englishmen in the generally understood, normal, and commonly accepted form of the term Englishman! FELLOW BRITONS, BUT NOT EXACTLY FELLOW BRITONS!!

Descendants of those immigrants from Pakistan and the British Raj that have been living in Great Britain for several generations now. Muslims, young men having dual and conflicting allegiances, “radicalized” and accepting the path of jihad! Young English Muslim men, willing and able to FIGHT AGAINST the British Army and their own fellow citizenry, having decided their real loyalty lies with the world-wide Islamic community [ummah]!!

This is treason! NO OTHER description suffices. The usual penalty for treason, the world-over, is death!! However, DO NOT expect to see, as in the old days, any of these turncoats hanging from Traitor’s Gate, or having their heads taken off and stuck on a pole! Britain is now ”civilized”, being a member of the EU. The death penalty if no longer an option!

There does exist, living in England, a LARGE number of disaffected and hate-filled angry young Muslim men. The British actually do run a risk of having a Second English Civil War occur? In particular, those young Somali refugees pose a most significant risk, 10 % of them being able to field strip an AK in less than a minute while blindfolded!!

Five [MI-5] and Six [MI-6] know who these bad guys are? If and when any of the traitors ever attempt to set foot on English soil again, measures will be taken against the miscreants? One would certainly hope so!

Religion as a motivation for treason is a phenomenon NOT SEEN in England since the Elizabethan era! Chapman Pincher in his book dealing with the motivations of traitors only mentions in passing religion as a motivating factor.

Was a non-entity, AT LEAST UNTIL NOW!!


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