Friday, February 27, 2009


This is coolbert:

Here is another example of chivalry in modern times.

The senior German military commander [World War One] in German East Africa, upon hearing of the death of Frederick Selous, writes a letter of apology and condolence. Regrets the death and the manner of death of so noble an adversary on the battlefield.

"General von Lettow-Vorbeck, known as 'The Lion of Afrika,' the supreme commander of the German colonial army, himself an admirer of Selous, wrote a personal condolence note, apologizing for the 'ungentlemanly death' incurred by D.S.O. Captain Selous at the hand of the German Army."

Professional military men do take this sort of stuff seriously?

Please remember the precedent of the British commander, Ferguson, during the American Revolutionary War. When having the opportunity to snipe and kill George Washington, Ferguson declined. Ferguson, in a concealed position, awaiting an opportunity to kill an American rebel, had George Washington and perhaps Casimir Pulaski BOTH in his sights. But DID NOT FIRE! Reasons given by Ferguson were to include:

* The distance was too short to consider the venture “sporting”!! [Washington and Pulaski were only fifty yards away]

* The men were officers, not enlisted soldiers. [it was not the role of gentlemen to kill other gentlemen!]

* The two men were “brave men” comporting themselves in a valorous manner and did not deserve to die!

The nature of modern warfare, impersonal, mechanized, industrialized, by-the-numbers battle drill and bureaucracy has done away almost totally with the concept of chivalry! BUT NOT TOTALLY!


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