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This is coolbert:

"be on qui vive--or else."

Or else you are DEAD!!

The "jock" elite military unit. A figment of the imagination? Elite athletes, professional or otherwise, forming a distinct military unit. Persons of accomplishment on the athletic field, physically very fit individuals, known winners, team players, comprising a unit of very physically fit winners!!

A "jock" unit, an unstoppable and unbeatable combination on the battlefield? But, a mirage for the most part. Only in the figment of someones imagination.


From the era of World War One [WW1], we have the troops of the Gas and Flame Division.

"Remembering baseball hall of famers who served in the Chemical Corps"

"All of these men were assigned to the Gas and Flame Division where they trained soldiers in preparation for chemical attacks by exposing them to gas chambers in a controlled environment."

"athletes from the gridiron, polo fields, and race tracks were assigned to the 'Gas and Flame Division' as instructors"

A "jock" military unit comprised of star athletes, training the troops in the intricacies of chemical warfare. Dangerous stuff and not "sissy" duty.

Persons [athletes] to include:

* Frank "Home Run" Baker.
* Frank Chance.
* Ty Cobb.
* Christy Mathewson.
* George Sisler.
* Branch Rickey. [President St. Louis Cardinals]
* Perry Haughton. [President Boston Braves]

[all the above except for the latter two pre-eminent players of dead-ball era.]

Training that according to Ty Cobb, involved the use of lethal gas, perhaps at less than full strength but still enough to kill! [as recounted in his autobiography written in concert with Al Stump!]

Troops with instructors, placed into a gas chamber, poisonous gas introduced, the troops having to safely mask and protect themselves as if they were on the battlefield. Hazardous duty dangerous to troops and instructors both!!

[an episode of the public broadcast television series "Antique Roadshow" on one occasion featured a person who had a WW1 barracks roster that listed the names of Cobb, Chance, Mathewson, Baker all residing in the same quarters!! Such an "item" would be of some value??!!]


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