Saturday, July 25, 2009


This is coolbert:

"Local prefect Michel Sappin blasted the 'imbecilic' actions of the military."

"Defence Minister Herve Morin called it an 'extremely regrettable, deplorable act.'"

"Prime Minister Francois Fillon condemned what he called 'a professional mistake,'"

Damn military! Where ever they go, always up to no good!

"Deadly wildfires are slowly receding"

"Wildfires that ravaged parts of the Mediterranean this week began to abate on Saturday. The majority of the fires in France and Spain are now reportedly under control."

"the blaze tore through 1,300 hectares (3,211 acres) of brush and damaged homes"

"The fire erupted Wednesday after troops from the 1st Foreign Legion Regiment used tracer rounds, which contain an incendiary substance to make them visible in flight. "

"it was the second time in as many years the army had started a wildfire."

These areas burning, are the biomes known as the maquis or the garrigue? NOT really forests as is commonly, ordinarily and generally understood, but rather - - shrubland - - heavily vegetated - - BUT consisting of plant life very susceptible to fire!

"Maquis (French) or macchia (Italian) is a shrubland biome in the Mediterranean region, typically consisting of densely growing evergreen shrubs such as sage, juniper and myrtle. It is most often associated with Corsica but is widely found on the mainland as well, especially in southern France and coastal Italy."

"Although maquis is by definition natural, its appearance in many places is due to destruction of forest cover"

"Deforestation of the indigenous oak forest since the Late Bronze Age . . . exposed the land surface to weathering and resulted in erosion of the topsoil. The wild garrigue, then, is a man-formed landscape."

It should be realized that the maquis and garrigue have the form and appearance of a naturally occurring landscape - - but this is not so!! Are - - rather - - a "man-formed landscape" that is the result of at least 2500 years of deforestation! The islands and lands adjacent to the Mediterranean were once heavily forested and wooded, in the sense of forest and wood as understood in North American terms!

DEFORESTATION THAT IS THE RESULT OF AN INSATIABLE DEMAND FOR TIMBER! TIMBER USED IN THE CONSTRUCTION OF WARSHIPS! Naval warfare as waged for millennium by the ancient Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Venetians, Turks, Spanish, etc.

What appears to be the "natural" landscape is not actually so, but is rather the result of thousands of years of warfare!


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